Thomas Frank is the creator of  College Info Geek.

His blog, videos, and podcasts present ways to study more effectively and to make college (or even high school) “an all-around awesome experience.” He teaches methods to study and work more efficiently, to destroy procrastination, and more. Much of his advice is based on the same principles as those we advocate here at Lasting Learning, and we think that his podcast and video channels are great resources for students of all ages.

Here’s his entertaining and instructive video that gives advice on overcoming the “I don’t feel like it” mindset.


About the Author

Lasting Learning was created to bring together the world’s foremost learning scientists with a focus on providing information about the best ways to enhance long-term retention of knowledge and skills across the lifespan. Our goal is to be a valuable and trusted resource for students, teachers, parents, athletes, coaches and anyone else who wants to learn the best ways to learn.

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