Why we love this

– the video highlights the misconception that how much you practice matters more than how you practice. That is, if we just practice long and hard enough, doing the same thing over and over, we can master anything. Stop. Wait! Have you heard that spacing out your practice/ study sessions over days is actually better than practicing many hours in one go? And, that forgetting is good for remembering? And, that you also just need to relax, clear you head, and take a BREAK from time to time? Well then…

– it emphasizes the importance of taking your time when practicing/studying. Learning is not some short 200 metres sprint. Instead, it is a slow and effortful adventure.

– it provides good and easy-to-apply/easy-to-follow examples for skill learning.

Recommended Activities

Watch the video, then tell your friend or parent …

— What are your best tips for practice/ studying?

— Do you think you have good practice/study habits? Would your study habits work well for other learners?

— Do you tend to cram? Or do you space out your studying long in advance?

— Watch some of the videos on study tips here (also look out for the ineffective techniques). Have you tried any of these approaches? Have any worked for you?


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