In this video, Dr. Michael Serra (Texas Tech University) discusses the importance of metacognition, which refers to assessing one’s own learning or understanding. Research has shown that students often depend on faulty information or misconceptions to assess their learning, and Dr. Serra shares some advice on how to more effectively monitor your learning and make better decisions about studying.

Thinking about Thinking
This video created by Matthias Cheung helps to demystify metacognition, or thinking about thinking. It offers suggestions on how to develop better metacognitive strategies, including the types of questions we should consider before, during, and after we have completed a task.

About the Author

Michael Serra (Ph.D., Kent State University) is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Texas Tech University. His research centers on how students learn and how they study, and can be broken down into two main categories: education-related metacognition (i.e., thinking about and evaluating one’s own cognitive processes) and multimedia learning (i.e., learning from information presented both verbally and visually). Dr. Serra conducts both basic and applied research in these domains.

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