Dr. Fran Pirozzolo talks about how traditional methods of practice are not optimal for learning, and discusses alternative methods that are much more effective. Practicing in distraction-free environments and performing one skill over and over might feel easy, but it leads to worse learning than when athletes are encouraged to overcome challenges during practice. Watch this video to find out more!

Malcolm Gladwell: How to Succeed as an Underdog | Inc. Magazine

Watch bestselling author, Malcolm Gladwell, talk about how to win as an underdog – in any field.

About the Author

Dr. Fran Pirozzolo is the former Chief of the Neuropsychology Service at the Baylor College of Medicine, and the Founding Editor of the international journal, Developmental Neuropsychology. Fran has published over 300 articles, chapters, and abstracts, and 14 books in his academic career, and is currently engaged in research aimed at understanding the role of the “default network” in creativity and in the simulation of possible future experiences. Fran has won numerous academic and professional sports awards, including 4 World Series rings as the Mental Skills Coach of the New York Yankees, the Winston Shell Award for innovation in player development during his tenure as Player Development Coach of the NFL’s Houston Texans, and the Phillip Rennick Award for research excellence from the International Neuropsychological Society.


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